We manage all your social media marketing needs

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We take care of everything you need to make an impact on Social Media, from selecting which platforms suit your brand, creating bespoke content, posting it at the right time and following up with all engagement, all the way through to monitoring activity and delivering insightful reporting with actionable business intelligence.

Social Media MArketing
Social Media Marketing

Local Community Managers

We have team members in your area who become an extension of your business. They are armed with all the tools and expertise needed to execute a results-driven social media strategy that gives your more time to focus on your business.

Crafted Bespoke Content

Establish a tone of voice that fits your business and build campaigns designed to maximize your audience reach and engagement. 

Complete Engagement

Engage with your audience and have conversations that create customers. We deliver the highlights of these conversations to you in a monthly report.

Advertising Management

Knowing which content to promote and how best to target your posts is one of our specialties.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Reporting and Analytics

A tailored report keeps you appraised of how your platforms are performing. We walk you through what is working and what isn’t and discuss future campaigns and strategy.
"Since working with RTOWN our business has seen a marked increase in Facebook and Twitter activity. Most importantly for us, this has translated into more traffic to our clinic and a significant increase in booked appointments."
Sven Kip - SKIN Kamloops
small business social media
Learn how Romer's Burger Bar have grown with RTOWN. See the case study or watch the video.
Small business case study

Word of mouth has long been the best way to get the message out about your business. There is no bigger word of mouth than social media.


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