Intelligent Mobile Ads
  • Smartphone app advertising
  • Behavioural targeting  
  • Proximity based delivery  
  • Engaging creative 

Your ad delivered in over 100K+ apps and over 500 million unique users using:


Showing your customer, your ad at the right place and the right time

We use location information from mobile devices over time to learn about user behaviour

This location data is combined with map data to build behavioural profiles of active users and define their intent.
Using these behaviour profiles we can target ads in the apps being used. 

Targeting factors we can include:
Specific Geography
Brand Affiliations

You want to advertise to people who are visiting a big box store down the street.

We build you a campaign and target all users who frequent this store.

Your ads will be delivered to the this audience as they visit the competitor, come near your business and as they go about their day.
  • Behaviourally targeted ad campaign
  • Select your specific target geography and ad delivery proximity
  • Banner creative linking to your choice of site
  • Geo specific location overlays on ad’s 
  • Management of Ad’s to maximise CPM 
  • Reporting

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The future of display advertising is here
The power of this technology is undeniable and we are extremely excited to be able to offer it to local businesses before anyone else. 
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