Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how RTOWN will save you time and grow your business with minimal effort on your end? Below are some frequently asked questions small businesses have for us. If you can't find your answer here, we're always happy to hear from you directly!
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+  Will the Customer Satisfaction program have an impact on my business?
+   I have a feedback box in our store for customers to drop us a note. How is that different from what RTOWN offers?
+ What do I do with the information that the Customer satisfaction program provides?
+   How does the digital version of a customer feedback program actually work?
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+   Why offer a loyalty program?
+   Why is it better to go digital for a loyalty program versus my businesses traditional punch/stamp card?
+   What if customers try to take advantage of the system?
+   Is the loyalty app difficult to navigate?
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+   Why do I need a mobile website?
+   How many people are really searching for us on their phone versus their home computer?
+   My web designer says that our current website is viewable on a mobile device. Is that in essence what your service offers?
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+   Why would we want to encourage people to write reviews about us?
+   Don’t people tend to only review their experiences when it is a negative one?
+   How do I know RTOWN’s review responses will best reflect my business?
+   A member of my staff checks on these review sites once every couple of months, how is your service different and more affective?
+   How can I monitor the progress of RTOWN’s reputation management services?
Monthly, we generate reports about your web presence, overall sentiment from your reviewers and key factors reviewers are sharing about your business. We also
benchmark your business against local, regional or national competition should you see fit.
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+   Why is your job so difficult or time consuming that it makes sense for me to pay you?
+   How much time am I going to have to spend each week providing you with content?
+   How can I be certain that RTOWN will be using unique content to my business rather than rolling out generic but categorically specific content for multiple similar businesses?
-   The fact that I have to educate RTOWN on the content means work for me. Why is educating RTOWN on my content less time consuming/expensive than educating someone else/or myself on social media?
+   How can I be certain that you, running social media for multiple businesses, will be dedicated to our content?
+   Why hire RTOWN over an in-house Marketing Person?
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+   My previous experience with creating a video has been costly and clunky. How is RTOWN different?
The days of expensive and time-consuming video production are finally part of the past (thank goodness!). We have combined the latest in video creation technology with a streamlined process to make video production happen quickly with a professional and painless outcome for business owners.
+   Does having a web video have any other benefits other than enhanced message delivery?
Forrester Research states, "It is 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than it is to get a standard web page to rank on page one." When showing up on the first page of Google is a priority, web video becomes one too.
+   There are tons of ways to showcase my business, why video?
+   I already have a video about my business created, what other uses for video can you suggest?
Our producers will create a video that can showcase a number of aspects of your business. Feature new products or services, highlights of your location, a news release, maybe even create a video that doubles as a YouTube advertisement or
something entirely your own. Once you have decided on the content, your video can be 30, 60 or 90 seconds in length.
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