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Customer Feedback

Designed for engagement

Our digital customer satisfaction survey is an easy to implement system that replaces the paper comment cards typically used to collect feedback. It maximizes the volume of responses you receive and presents the data in an easy to understand format. The structure and delivery of this survey can yield response rates of up to 65%
Customer Feedback Kiosk
Customer Survey Tablet
Customer Satisfaction
  • One highly customizable survey that is responsive across any device
  • Secure tablet's available for kiosk or billfold implementation
  • Filter reviews to your team and react in real-time
  • Fully quantifiable. See the results in a smart dashboard
  • VIP customer signup

Up to 65% Response Rate

Using a simple question and providing an easy way to respond, creates that micro moment required to grab someone's attention. Once you have their attention, you can build their trust by offering rewards and inviting them to complete the full survey.
  • Negative reviews get directed straight to your team via SMS and email to be addressed on site 
  • Positive feedback is rewarded with an immediate follow up email that can be shared as a referral
  • Positive responses are encourage to share rewards on social media 
  • A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 75% increase in profits.
"The easy to use feedback form has created a way for us to learn from the customer experience and allows us to build on the positives and to improve on any negatives. It's almost like I am sitting right at the table with all of our guests."
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Data & Dashboard

What use is all this data if you can't interpret it to make key decisions for you business?
Our easy to use dashboard displays all your data in clear responsive charts so you can see a high level overview, or dig down to spot trends in your customers habits. 
  •  Always on and updating in real time 
  • Easy to read summary of daily or weekly performance
  • View specific location or team member performace 
  •  Live Net Promotor Score
  • Compare with historical data 
Customer Satisfaction dashboard
Start Learning More About Your Customers

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