Top 3 Small Business Growth Strategies

Learn how to create predictable, stable growth in your business. In this webinar Luke Aulin will guide you through some of the key principles he has used to grow successful businesses, including our own (RTOWN). 
"I really enjoyed the webinar. I loved how succinct it was and not overly crowded with text; it was relevant and inspiring." 
- Maria Marcakis
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About Luke.

Intrapreneur turned entrepreneur. World traveler. Lover of all people on the same mission: to help local businesses succeed. Before founding RTOWN, Luke took 2 businesses from $0 - $4 million (2 years) and $0 - $9 million (9 years) using these  principals.

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Learn how to find and keep the A-players that are going to help you on your journey.


Codify your core values and develop an execution model that has everyone in your company pushing in the same direction.


The oxygen of your business. Find it, keep it and make it more predictable.
"Great Webinar, It made me feel like we are doing things right on our end, and some good insights to what we don’t do well. Awesome job!
- Jamie Johnstone

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